Vailtech, based in Ontario, has been serving the needs of municipalities for over ten (10) years. Vailtech is recognized as the premier supplier of highly effective Billing Systems. More mid to  large size municipalities use VTAX than any other Tax System. And now Vailtech offers VUTIL a System that manages and reports information on all aspects of the Water & Sewer billing process.

Offices In Ontario
Since 1992
Large Customer Base
Hot Line Support
Free Upgrades
Task Management
Data Conversion
On-site Training
Custom Reports
User Forums
Database Driven
Built for Ontario
Uses Industry Stds.

VUTIL is written in Oracle and requires either an Oracle Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition database. VUTIL runs on Microsoft based servers, and workstations, and runs across either Microsoft or Novell Lans. VUTIL is scalable offering both mid and large size organizations the same robust functionality.

Implementation & Support
A Vailtech solution includes full implementation services; project and task management,  data conversion services, training, custom forms, and on-site "go live" support.

Support for any problem is promptly accepted by Vailtech's fully automated Problem Response Center. Vailtech's upgrade policy ensures you will always be up-to-date with market leading innovations, and software that will transform legislated changes into new functionality.
  • Easy setup.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Unlimited history data.
  • Vailtech's VUTIL is a full-function, billing, accounting and utility management System that includes the following processes: meter reading processing, billing, adjustments, payments, collections, security deposits, service orders, service/meter installations, meter management
  • Fully scaleable, with no limit as to the number of customer accounts
  • Manages multiple utility services: water, sewer and other charges (i.e. garbage)
  • Handles multiple accounts for a single customer
  • Handles various customer types: residential, commercial and industrial
  • Bills for single, multiple or non-metered services
  • Allows for linear and volume measurements in both imperial and metric unit of measure
  • Has the ability to convert the entered linear or volume measurement from one unit of measure to the other; metric to imperial and vice versa
  • Provides utility bills based on actual reading and/or estimated consumption
  • Provides utility bills by cycle, route(s) or individual accounts
  • Produces regular, adjusted, estimated, pro-rated and final bills
  • Combines demand, single and compound meter consumption for flat and variable step billing rates with automatic proration for rate changes
  • Cancels or adjusts a bill, automatically updating both financial and consumption history
  • Maintains receivable balance by utility service at the account level in multiple number of aging categories
  • Applies sales taxes on rates and services based on a percentage
  • On-line access to billing, consumption and payment history
  • On-line access to all financial transaction details
  • A comprehensive bill which provides a detailed accounting of all charges to the customer
  • Produces and voids utility bills on demand
  • Povides the capability for the user to define the bill format
  • A custom bill can be programmed by Vailtech.
  • Users can code accounts so as not to add penalty (i.e. Seniors)
  • And Much more.

Vailtech Inc. 58 Antares Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7W6 (1-866-224-5111)

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