Vailtech has it's headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario and has been serving the needs of municipalities for over ten (10) years. Vailtech is recognized as the premier supplier of highly effective Billing Systems. Vailtech also offers a full suite of integrated financial applications.

The Payroll System is a powerful tool that addresses all of an organization's personnel and payroll management requirements. The package is fully integrated with Vailtech's General Ledger system.

At the heart of Payroll is an employee file featuring permanent information, and history files on each employee. As users enter the hours/days worked by an employee, the System  uses pre-set formulas to calculate a wide variety of deductions, union dues, and premiums for insurance packages.

Offices In Ontario
Since 1992
Large Customer Base
Hot Line Support
Free Upgrades
Task Management
Data Conversion
On-site Training
Custom Reports
User Forums
Database Driven
Built for Ontario
Uses Industry Stds.

Payroll is written in Oracle and requires either an Oracle Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition database. Payroll runs on Microsoft based servers, and workstations, and runs across either Microsoft or Novell Lans. The System is scalable offering both mid and large size organizations the same robust functionality.

Implementation & Support
A Vailtech solution includes full implementation services; project and task management,  data conversion services, training, custom forms, and on-site "go live" support.

Support for any problem is promptly accepted by Vailtech's fully automated Problem Response Center. Vailtech's upgrade policy ensures you will always be up-to-date with market leading innovations, and software that will transform legislated changes into new functionality.
  • Easy setup.

  • User friendly interface.

  • Unlimited history data

  • Standard classical reporting as required, including:


    -Current year-to-date journals

    -Personnel change records

    -UIC separation certificates

    -T4 pre-lists and T4's

    -Deduction reports

    -Total integration with the General Ledger system

Other Features:

  • Interface with the A/P to generate vouchers for payroll liabilities, e.g., Receiver General, O.M.E.R.S., Unions, etc.

  • Multi-division / multi-departmental structure

  • Multiple unions allowed with union deduction reports (optional by pay or consolidated into a monthly report)

  • Many personnel type statistics retained on the employee record

  • Access to employees by number or name

  • Any number of gross pay distributions for salary-paid employees

  • Any number of distributions for hourly paid employees

  • Automatically calculated miscellaneous deductions plus normal statutory ones

  • All deductions with employer portions automatically calculated

  • Deductions can be based on a percentage of specified pay types or an amount

  • Taxable benefits per employee

  • Access to employee history by pay period or range of periods

  • Ability to accrue and relieve sick and vacation days by various methods

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and "other" pay periods

  • Flexibility to pay by cash, cheque or bank deposit (to two separate banks/accounts)

  • Ability to calculate manual cheques

  • Automatic processing of cancelled cheques

  • Time banking for vacation and sick leave

  • Permits different types of earnings, i.e. overtime at 1.5, double time, court time, volunteer fire fighter, salary taxable, council non-taxable, etc.

  • Each pay type outlined on employee pay cheque stub

  • Bank reconciliation of payroll cheques

  • Multiple employee rates allowed

  • Multiple U.I. employer rates

  • Statistics Canada reporting

  • Each pay type parameter controlled as to application to O.M.E.R.S., vacation accumulation, etc.

  • O.M.E.R.S. reporting

  • Worker's Compensation Board reporting

Vailtech Inc. 58 Antares Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7W6 (1-866-224-5111)

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