The Budgets System provides a complete environment for the creation of municipal capital and operating budgets. Once the budget has been created it can be easily loaded into Vailtech's General Ledger System.

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The Budgeting System runs on Microsoft NT, and 2000 servers, and on Windows 98, 2000 and XP workstations. The System is scalable offering both mid and large size organizations the same robust functionality.

Implementation & Support
The Budgeting System integrates to Vailtech's General Ledger System.

Support for any problem is promptly accepted by Vailtech's fully automated Problem Response Center. Vailtech's upgrade policy ensures you will always be up-to-date with market leading innovations, and software that will transform legislated changes into new functionality.


Budget Preparation

  • The Budgets System interfaces to the General Ledger  to combine information on budget amounts with year end actuals, and allows users to roll information back and forth at specific times.

  • The System allows for the annual budget amounts to be automatically allocated to monthly amounts.

  • Allows for projections and historical analysis of data over a five year horizon.

  • The System has features for developing a budget based on combinations of historical trends, or automatically from base budgets, or on user projected amounts.

  • The System has the ability to report budgets on a consolidated basis, by division, department or projects/program/cost centre, for a specific set of accounts, or a combination of both.

  • The System has the flexibility to record “notes” electronically against budget estimates.

  • Users can automatically transfer the budgets to the General Ledger after Council approval.

  • Allows the budget to become a permanent record once it is approved by Council. Access can be restricted at any time in the process so that unauthorized changes cannot be made.

  • Allows for on-line input of budget estimates as well as summary reporting on estimates during the preparation and review process.

  • The System maintains budget detail information in support of budget estimates.

Budget Monitoring

  • The System maintains a revision history to the  council approved budget.

  • The System supports user definable Report of Budget variance.

  • The System has flexibility in projecting actual year end balance.  For example, adding monthly budget amounts to the current account balance; using the current balance, and using the same algorithm for  monthly budget allocation, project the year end balance (i.e.   projection based on actual)

  • The System produces standard budget reports grouped by various methods (expenditure type, department, division, etc.)

  • The System supports summary reporting on capital projects including totals by type of project, type of expenditure and source of financing.

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