Vailtech is based in Ontario and has been serving the needs of municipalities for over ten (10) years. Vailtech is recognized as the premier supplier of highly effective Billing Systems. Vailtech also offers a full suite of integrated financial applications.

The Accounts Payable System is an integrated business application that affords the user maximum control over expenses and disbursements. Cheques can be prepared automatically by the system or processed manually. The system also allows for the processing and cancellation of post-dated cheques.

Offices In Ontario
Since 1992
Large Customer Base
Hot Line Support
Free Upgrades
Task Management
Data Conversion
On-site Training
Custom Reports
User Forums
Database Driven
Built for Ontario
Uses Industry Stds.

Accounts Payable is written in Oracle and requires either an Oracle Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition database. Accounts Payable runs on Microsoft based servers, and workstations, and runs across either Microsoft or Novell Lans. The System is scalable offering both mid and large size organizations the same robust functionality.

Implementation & Support
A Vailtech solution includes full implementation services; project and task management,  data conversion services, training, custom forms, and on-site "go live" support.

Support for any problem is promptly accepted by Vailtech's fully automated Problem Response Center. Vailtech's upgrade policy ensures you will always be up-to-date with market leading innovations, and software that will transform legislated changes into new functionality.
  • Easy setup.

  • User friendly interface.

  • Unlimited history data

  • Standalone or automatically interfaced with other Vailtech systems, including General Ledger (G/L)

Master File Includes:

  • Name
  • Optional "Address Payable To" fields as well as "Mail To"
  • Payment terms
  • Bank information
  • Commodity codes
  • Phone, FAX numbers
  • Contact names
  • Access to suppliers by number and name

  • Automatic cheque processing

  • Cheques may be printed as required, as well as Accounts Payable registers, cash requirements lists, supplier histories, and opened/closed/exceeded purchase order lists

  • Ability to add, change and delete inactive suppliers

  • Provision for temporary suppliers

  • Client set tolerance for exceeded purchase orders

  • Provision to print purchase orders

  • Ability to exclude individual suppliers or invoices from a cheque run using a "hold" feature

  • "Memos" can be attached to any supplier

  • Ability to enter any number of invoices with any number of line entries under one voucher number

  • Multiple distributions allowed in invoices and purchase orders

  • Supports Encumbrance accounting

  • Vouchers can be post-dated at the time of entry in the system; transactions allocated to the correct accounting period

  • List of outstanding cheques available on request

  • Variance report or balance remaining option is a parameter control for trial balance reports as produced within G/L

Report Output:

  • Purchase journal

  • Disbursement journal

  • Cheques

  • Open payables

  • Outstanding cheques

  • Cheque reconciliation

Other Features:

  • Unbalanced account distribution warning to operator

  • Multiple bank accounts on which cheques may be drawn

  • Taxes calculated at the G/L account level

  • Verification of duplicate invoices

  • Reports can be produced for Current and Last Year's operation

  • Manual cheques can be processed at any time

  • Invoices can be placed on hold if they have not been processed; cancellation of cheque resets voucher, which can be set to hold or cancel

  • All Credit Notes processed and partially used will re-create a system-generated credit note for the outstanding balance

  • Any transaction can be traced to its respective purchase order, voucher and cheque by switching from G/L to A/P files

  • Each supplier record carries a field showing totals of purchase orders, invoices and cheques outstanding, as well as total invoices for this and last year

Vailtech Inc. 58 Antares Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7W6 (1-866-224-5111)

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